Custom Mandolins

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Pricing and Ordering

I go to a lot of bluegrass festivals and stay really busy enjoying life all summer, so I only build in the winter. I usually start in October and try to finish everything up to try it out at the Kendalville Memorial weekend festival. I build four to six instruments per year. I usually keep at least two or three instruments around that are “mine”, and sell them when I build one that I like better. I also usually have something at Elderly’s or First Quality music. If you think you want a Grady mandolin, the best thing is to e-mail me at or call me at 810 743 7486. I might have a finished instrument that you would like, or if I am building at the time, you might reserve an instrument for try out when it is finished. I also reserve a couple of instruments to sell and display in my booth at IBMA Fanfest.

If you want a custom instrument, then we need to have a long talk. I build because it is a passion with me. It is an outlet for artistic expression for me in both form and sound. I love the music and love to build the instruments that produce it. Each instrument is an artistic expression, so I don’t have standard models or catalogs, and I am proud of that. Things that I can customize for you are different types of wood, color and decoration, binding, hardware, set-up and neck size and shape and those things that personalize the instrument. Call me and we will work together to get you exactly what you are looking for.

Prices start at $3600.00